Virtual Desktops at the Speed of Memory

The Violin Memory 6000 Series flash Memory Array. Offering high availability without compromising performance or economics, 6000 Series arrays deliver up to 1 million IOPs with over 4 GB/sec of bandwidth in a compact 3U enclosure. This 'Rack-in-a-Box' approach delivers 80% reduction in cost per IOPs and a 15:1 physical consolidation.

VDI continues to gain traction in enterprises, but the biggest hindrance to adoption is an infrastructure with sufficient storage IOPS performance to provide a great user desktop experience even at scale. Legacy disk-based SAN arrays simply cannot deliver without resorting to expensive, unwieldy configurations.

Violin flash Memory Arrays deliver storage at the speed of memory, shattering the storage I/O bottleneck and fulfilling the promise of VDI – a great user experience at scale with a lower total cost of ownership for desktop infrastructure.

The exceptional performance of Violin flash Memory Arrays enables you to realize your virtual desktop goals:

  • 5x – 10x improvement in user desktop experience
  • 2x – 5x greater desktop consolidation
  • Expand to 1,000s of virtual desktops
  • Lowest TCO per virtual desktop
  • Ease of management – Violin Symphony for centralized management. Seamless integration with VMware APIs.

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Virtual Desktops at the Speed of Memory 
9-page white paper

Redefining High Performance Storage